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Pat Smith interviews Cookie Johnson, CJ Jeans entrepreneur and wife of
Magic Johnson, for the latest episode of "Treasure You". Taped on location behind the scenes of Zo & Magic's 8-Ball Challenge charity benefit during NBA All Star Weekend in Dallas, TX.

About this Episode of “Treasure You”
In what can only be described as a crisis no one would want to face... Cookie Johnson, the wife of NBA All Star Magic Johnson, faced a defining moment. Her husband was forced retire to prematurely and admit publicly that he was HIV positive. That could have been the end of their young marriage. Instead, Cookie stood by Magic providing a steady, strong and stable foundation. 

The pressures of being the wife of a man who is larger than life... facing possible death in the face... and raising a family at the same time would have caused some women to crack. Instead Cookie has emerged as a TREASURE who is to be celebrated.

Learn more about CJ by Cookie Johnsonhttp://cookiejohnson.com/CJ_by_Cookie_Johnson.htmlshapeimage_18_link_0
Pat Smith interviews Cookie Johnson

Cookie helps "Treasure You" friends,  Monet & Amy, find the perfect pair of CJ jeans at Neiman Marcus,  Northpark in Dallas

TODAY on NBC June 18, 2011 featuring Pat Smith and Blair Griffith, Miss Colorado USA